Make Money With Adfly with targeted traffic

This is a tip for those who want to make money with adfly using blog. Some of my friend are asking whether you need a lot of traffic to make money with adfly?

My answer is yes! You need a lot of traffic. However, getting targeted traffic is better.

How to make adfly blog with targeted traffic

  1. Make adfly blog targeting certain keyword. As example, this blog targets "Make Money With Adfly " as the main keyword. Be creative and adventurous. Try your favorite keyword, like maybe, about your favorite hobby, favorite movie, favorite manga, daily quotes. 
  2. Try to get your blog on the first page by updating your blog daily, doing some search engine optimization. 
  3. Make sure your blog have good, original, beneficial content to your reader. 

Benefit of targeted traffic

  1. By having a good targeted content, the likelihood of your reader to click at your adfly link is higher compared to untargeted traffic. Same goes to the ads in blog :) 
  2. You can focus on the same keyword and related keyword to rank your blog better compared to a blog with no target reader where you lose focus. 
  3. If you are using wordpress blog, if the traffic is not targeted, you only waste your blog bandwidth which related to your blog hosting cost. 
  4. You will get better Return of Investment if you invest some money for your blog.

Thats all the tips from me, hopefully you can earn a lot with adfly. Make Money With Adfly is fun if we know what we are doing.

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