Passive Income with Onexox

Onexox is one of my business. Local bussiness for Malaysian. Same as adfly, it gives me passive income. 

Why I am doing onexox business? 

The first thing about onexox that i like is that, it is innovative, while other prepaid telco short validity. Boldly, ONEXOX give credit validity of 28 months and will be extended every time they topup. The capital to join the bussiness are only RM90. If you want to be a dealer for other big  telcos in Malaysia, it will cost thousands Ringgit Malaysia. As a dealer, I will be paid 10% from my users reload value. 

Usually on average malaysian will topup around RM30 per month, however according to recent trends I can estimate aound RM50 per  3 months. Currently I have around 250 users registered. 

I am not going to do the math here, just imagine, if i get 15 users permonth. 

Innovation is also the very reason why,i decided to make money with adfly in the first hand. At the time where link shortener becamme famous with etc. Adfly put a little twist that allows shortened link to earn some income. And there are no cost involved, its FREE to join. 

Onexox also a progressive company, that always come with better improvement for users and dealers. Recently, Onexox just released a package called Onexox Black! What is What is onexox black? It is not a prepaid, and also not a postpaid. Its the hybrid of both. 

I dont really know about you guys, what you did in your place or countries, but if you like passive income, try to find any real bussiness that you only need to work hard for a while and enjoy the recurring income later. 

4 Reasons why you should make money with adfly in 2018

This is 5 Reason why you should join adfly

1. Easy to setup

2. Automated income

3. Passive income

4. Adfly is definitely not a scam.

So, what is your motivation to make money with adfly?

Malaysia Best Blog ?

Malaysia Best Blog 2015? When i am thinking about Malaysia best blog. This blog is definitely not the best blog in Malaysia. Not in 2015, not in 2016.

Malaysia blogosphere is very challenging, there are many experts, name it. SEM experts, blogging experts, affiliate experts. Most of them have blog which can be considered top famous and best blog in Malaysia.

Malaysia best blog 2015
Malaysi Best Blog 2015

How to find Adfly Id

This is how to find your adfly id.

After registered with adfly,

Option 1

you will see a link like this:

xxxx is your adfly id.

Option 2: 

When you login, click at referral tab

You will see something like this:

adfly id

In my case, 8567 is my adfly id.

Good luck 

Adfly Rates - How Much Adfly Pay For Each Country

There are people asking me about how adfly pay for each country.

This is a good question actually. By knowing the adfly rates for traffic from each country, we can maximize our gain as publisher.

If we are using blog as a means of getting traffic.  We can think about in what language should we write our blog. The blog content also should suits the targeted country.

To be safe and without the need of much research,

  • We can write in English  
  • Write something general.
  • Tutorial and how-to are good examples

The adfly publisher rates keep changing based on the advertiser demands.  The example of adfly rates are as in the diagram below. If we take a look at the price, it is pretty obvious which country should we target for traffic.

Adfly Publisher rates
Adfly publisher rates 

You can check the publisher rates at