Make Money With URL Shortening Link, why it is awesome?

Make Money With URL shortening?

Make money with URL shortening is awesome unlike traditional make money with other advertising program.

  1. Most important thing is that you can get real cash by using the URL shortening like adfly.
  2. You can shorten literallya any URL (Except for adult content, although some company allow it) 
  3. You can shorten any interesting link to a video people are talking about, hot news, and anything, share the link to twitter, facebook, forum, and you will get money for any clicks. 
  4. If you host a download site, shorten the download link then you can earn a lot. 
Basically it is up to your creativity in how to get more clicks. 

There are various technique people are using to get money with URL shortening. You name it! 

  1. Youtube technique
  2. Twitter autopilot technique 
  3. Photo Sharing technique 
  4. Blog technique
  5. Facebook Technique
  6. Torrent technique 
  7. and many.. many more...  
Its basically up to your imagination. 

The most important thing?

You can set it to autopilot.. and earn passive income! How awesome is it? 

I am currently doing it with adfly

There are many other program I wish i hope i can share sooner, when I am free. :)

Making money with URL shortening is awesome. Thats all I want to tell you. Its up to you, whether you want to join or not. I am enjoying the challenge of getting more click to the shortened URL.